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设计团队:林聪、段晓明、张伟、何正斗、陆纪华、高翼、 杨初发、董葭露、杨善惠





"Domestic residential design, especially high-rise buildings, is generally characterized by outdated functions and mediocre forms. Copying, plagiarism, and changing the surface are all part of the design. The limitations of norms, high turnover pressure, fear of innovative marketing, and design fees have led residential design into a dead end. What else can we expect from a desperate residential design?" We are trying to find innovative solutions through the Qiaoxin project.




能使居住者在身体上、精神上、社会关系上处于健康状态的住宅。 如果做不到物质性的得天独厚,不如做稀缺性的内容,释放居住空间可能性,倡导亲近大自然,拥抱环境的全新生活方式。

The concept of healthy housing: a housing that can enable the occupants to be in a healthy state physically, mentally, and socially. If we cannot achieve materialistic advantages, we may as well create scarce content, release the possibility of living space, and advocate a new lifestyle - close to nature and embrace the environment.


封面 蓝.jpg
3_16 - 拍照模式.jpg



The high-end product does not follow the conventional layouts on the market, but constantly innovates based on the high-end positioning of the project and the specific terrain: using point-type monomers, which is beneficial for optimizing the landscape and orientation, as well as organizing fire protection in mountainous areas. Each floor has four elevators and four households, with a plane shape like the combination of four petals; households are relatively independent, without shared partition walls, which not only meets the contribution degree of the plot ratio, but also has a strong sense of independence for each household. The upper and lower floors are rotated through dislocation, making the building visually dynamic and rhythmical, and creating a free-standing sky garden in terms of function.

3_19 - 拍照模式.jpg



As a mountain climbing villa, the design abandoned the disadvantages of conventional practices (the building base is completely embedded in the mountain): large earthwork volume, large damage to the mountain, closed space, small width and large depth. Instead, it pioneered the arrangement of four rows of villas along the slope, adopting an eco-friendly design of small grounding and large space. The building is light and gracefully standing on the mountain, releasing a large amount of open green space below the building, which not only protects the original mountain, but also gives the building a flying gesture, like a flying flock of geese in the sky.

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