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博鳌晟景海岸概念设计Hainan Vollsun Group Boao Project









The project land is located in the east side of Boao Binhai Road, near the sea, zero distance from the original ecological beach. At the same time, the project is close to the duty-free city in the northwest and 4.5 kilometers away from Boao Forum in the south. The location and transportation conditions are superior, and the surrounding areas are high-end residential and tourist areas. Under many favorable geographical conditions, this project has the potential to develop high-end tourism supporting projects.



The site is about 150 meters wide and 530 meters deep, with a narrow shape. On the north and south sides of the site are adjacent to 5 built communities, and on the east side are coconut forests with a height of about 10 meters, all of which block the sea view to some extent. The height limit of the project is 36 meters, and the height limit can be broken partially. The first design difficulty of the project is how to break through the limitations of shelter and height, to bring open, vast vision space for local users, and at the same time, to bring excellent economic, cultural and social benefits to the local area. 


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The design site combines the local culture and humanity, and discovers that it was once the habitat of a fishing village. Therefore, combined with this, the project creates a floating village villa, like a floating Tanka cluster. Combined with the local livelihood conditions and consumption habits, it is found that the local is also a tourist attraction. Therefore, the site can be used as a home stay, as well as a special catering, people who do not stay can come here to consume, share the seascape.


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