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Chongqing Ma 'an Xi Park facilities planning








项目位于重庆北碚区马鞍溪郊野湿地公园里,项目外部城市周边基础配套设施基本完善,1.5KM范围内设有博物馆、学校、医院、城市口袋公园及商业等多种功能配套,但外部停车区域少;项目内部供人休憩的休闲平台、步道不完善及功能缺乏,无法满足当地居民物质及精神的需求。 项目旨在积极修复场地的绿化土壤,协调的去发展整体场地内的游览空间、绿化空间,提高项目的吸引力,完善了整体的项目形象。

The project is located in Maanxi Country Wetland Park, Beibei District, Chongqing. The infrastructure surrounding the city is basically complete. Museums, schools, hospitals, urban pocket parks and commercial facilities are located within 1.5KM, but there is little parking area outside. The leisure platform and footpath for people to rest inside the project are not perfect and lack of functions, which cannot meet the material and spiritual needs of local residents. The project aims to actively repair the green soil of the site, develop the sightseeing space and green space in a coordinated way, improve the attraction of the project and improve the overall image of the project.


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By adding public space, seats, open viewing platform, and so on, young and dynamic functional supporting space and cultural space are implanted, which enriches the connotation of Ma 'an Xi Wetland Park and brings a new sense of experience to the site. At the same time, the circular staircase is used as the main way to connect several functional areas, ensuring the reasonable use of space and giving participants a comprehensive and new way to experience the project.

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1_8 - 拍照模式.jpg



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