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Bao'an Cultural Center





Bao 'an is known as the cultural root of Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Among the rich and diverse cultures in Bao 'an, the maritime culture and immigrant culture move us the most. The two cultures have the commonality of openness and extroversion. With the increasing shortage of land in metropolis, the vertical multiple overhead of building volume can release more public outdoor space, reflecting the openness of Marine culture.

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波浪形的建筑表皮在立面空间有韵律的变化; 金属镜面材质的架空层天棚犹如平静的海面, 对架空层场景形成模糊的反射。三馆体块垂直独立分开,有清晰的空间识别性,同时以海浪形态统一整体立面,呼应移民文化多元融合的主题。

The undulating skin of the building changes rhythmically in the facade space; The metal mirrored overhead canopy is like a calm sea, forming a vague reflection on the overhead scene. The three pavilions are separated vertically and independently, with clear spatial identification. At the same time, the whole facade is unified in the form of waves, echoing the theme of diverse integration of immigrant cultures.

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